BARFen leicht gemacht: weiße Sprechblase

When changing over to BARF (Species-appropriate food tailored to your pet’s needs) from your dogs current food, we recommend that you do this gradually.

Bowl by bowl!

Some dogs are sensitive to an abrupt change in their diet. By using a phased approach to changing their diet, the dog will become gradually accustomed to the new food. This is done by mixing a small amount of BARF* with conventional dog food at first, and then raising that amount bit by bit. After about a week the entire meal should consist of BARF* components. The phased approach ensures the digestion of sensitive dogs is not overwhelming.

You should replace about 25% or ¼ of the entire meal every 2 days. After 7 days you can fully supply the new dog food.

As prepared feed is usually relatively low in fat, at the beginning you should only feed meat that is low in fat. This prevents your four-legged friend's pancreas from being overwhelmed. It is also recommended that you limit the number of meats to just 2-3 types in the beginning, preferably beef and poultry.

It is also possible to get older dogs used to BARF* using these methods. The only thing to bear in mind is that the transition needs to be at least twice as long - about two weeks - because their  metabolism works much slower.

Perfect for beginners

With PREMIERE Raw Kitchen, it's really easy to take your first step into the world of BARF*. High-quality menus can be assembled and prepared by simply following our system – ideal for a worry-free introduction for both you and your dog.

Time period Proportion of the old food Proportion of the new food

Day 1 to 2

75% 25%

Day 3 to 4

50% 50%

Day 5 to 6

25% 75%

From day 7

0% 100%