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PREMIERE RAW KITCHEN Optional additives (Powder)

Herb mix powder

Complementary feed for adult dogs. The herb mix is one of the mix components from module 5 of the PREMIERE Raw Kitchen BARF* system and is the perfect addition to a BARF* meal, offering valuable nutrients.

- With functional amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids from seaweed

- Contains important minerals and trace elements

- Can support the optimisation of the metabolism

- Can promote the regulation and cleansing of the digestive tract

- This product is not raw. It supplements the complete Raw Kitchen modular system

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Meat Number 3
Veggie Number M
Oil Number M
Ingredients Number M

variety: Herb mix powder

package available in:

Premiere RawKitchen Pulver Kraeuter 500g


Malt, 15% yeast products, lucerne green meal, 8.3% stinging nettle leaves, celery, 5% marine algae meal, goldenrod leaves, rosemary leaves, 2.8% lovage, 2.8% comfrey leaves, 2.8% rue herb, lady’s mantle, St John’s wort, calamus root, yarrow, pansy, burdock root, silica, aniseed, juniper berries, 2% dicalcium phosphate, 1.7% liquorice root, 1% calcium carbonate.

Analytical constituents




Formation of muscles, organs and connective tissue


Fat content

Energy supplier, flavour


Crude ash

Completeness of all minerals


Crude fibres

Dietary fibres, digestion



Bone structure and teeth



Bone structure and teeth


Adult dogs: 5g per 10kg body weight and max. 25g per dog per day.

Weight of the dog

PREMIERE Raw Kitchen / 24h

5 kg

3 g

10 kg

5 g

20 kg

10 g

30 kg

13 g

40 kg

17 g

50 kg

20 g

<50 kg

max. 25 g

(5g is equivalent to approx. 1 level tsp. Please weigh a second time to avoid mistakes.)

- Suitable for all healthy adult dogs of any age after consulting your pet nutritionist or vet.
- Store in a cool, dry place.
- Fill level may vary for technical reasons.
- This product is not raw. It supplements the complete Raw Kitchen modular system.