Another way of feeding.

The PREMIERE Raw Kitchen concept is based on the feeding behaviour of the wolf, the dog's closest relative. Its menu consists of almost the entire animal, along with the bones, skin, fat, entrails and muscle meat.

According to the BARF* philosophy, each element of the range is based on animal and plants found in wolves’ original diets, as well as additionally offering natural oils and as required additional dietary supplements. If particular ingredients are not suitable, they are simply left out – perfect for any intolerances. After transferring to BARF*, it has been observed that many dogs have a better sense of smell, more energy and more pleasant coat.


The PREMIERE Raw Kitchen BARF* system is perfect for you if you have never used BARF* before or if you only want to use BARF* occasionally. 5 perfectly coordinated modules, offer you all of the necessary constituents of a nutritious BARF* menu. By doing this, you can ensure that you are providing your animal with optimal nutrition and there are no deficiencies in their diet. By preparing and combining meat, fruit, vegetables and all the rest with your own hands, you know exactly what you're feeding your pet and you know too that you're actively contributing to their wellbeing. Simply select module, prepare according to feeding guidelines – and your pet will be perfectly looked after. You can find out just what exactly the individual modules are offering and what they are important for.

Rohe Herzen zum BARFen
Zwei Karotten zum BARFen


As in nature, meat and entrails form the basis for breed-appropriate feeding. The proteins contained serve the formation of muscles, organs and connective tissue.

BARFen leicht gemacht: weiße Sprechblase

Important: for balanced nutrition, please regularly switch the protein (source module 1).

Delicacies in a tin

The meat in the Premiere Raw Kitchen range is full of flavour making the switch to BARF* even easier with the high palatability of each of our flavours. Easy to use tins make the range practical and easy to use whether you are at home or on the go.

BARF Hundefutter Huhn in 400 g Dose
Apfelhälfte zum BARFen
Zwei Blumenkohlröschen zum BARFen
Spinatblätter mit aufgeschnittenem Kürbis zum BARFen

Fruits & vegetables

Important ingredients such as vitamins and fibres like minerals and secondary plant substances (e.g. antioxidants) contribute to supporting various functions of the body. Here you have a choice between vegetable tins or muesli.

From the tin

The finely chopped mixtures of fruit, vegetables and herbs provide your dog with important ingredients to support various bodily functions and are characterised by their great digestibility.

BARF Hundefutter Gemüsevielfalt mit Spinat und Brokkoli in 200 g Dose
BARFen leicht gemacht: weiße Sprechblase

For lots of energy and more variety in taste.


The optimal composition allows the proportion of the protein source to be reduced – perfect if you would like to feed a less meat-based diet.

BARF Hundefutter Gemüse-Mix mit Obst & Kräutern in 500 g Beutel
Samen mit Löffel in Schale zum BARFen

Oils & fats

Plant oils are an essential component of your BARF* menu because they contain vital, essential fatty acids that the organism cannot produce itself from other nutrients.

BARF Hundefutter als 5-Pflanzen-Öl und Hanföl in der Flasche
BARFen leicht gemacht: weiße Sprechblase

Perfect for conditioning the coat and strengthening the body.

Precious and powerful

The 100% naturally pure hemp oil provides your animal with valuable Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids that carry out various tasks within the body. Freshly added, its full effect unfolds and can, support metabolism. The high-quality mixture of 5 different oils also supplies your animal with essential fatty acids that, among other things, can contribute to a healthy, shiny coat.

Grüne Algen in Schale zum BARFen

Vitamins &

The vitamin and mineral mix rounds off the BARF* menu with all the necessary nutrients.

Everything in one mix

The high-quality mixture contains all of the essential ingredients necessary for a balanced diet. It is simple, quick and convenient to add the powder – and gives you particular certainty in portioning.

BARFen leicht gemacht: weiße Sprechblase

For essential functions

BARF Hundefutter Vitamin- & Mineralstoffmix in 500 g Dose


Supplement your BARF* nutritional plan with high-quality, optional additives such as the herb mix and special oils.

BARFen leicht gemacht: weiße Sprechblase

For special needs

The optimal relationship

The daily intake should equal around 2-4% of body weight, depending on the age and activity levels of your dog. As a rule, that will cover the energy needs of your four-legged friend. This value can vary depending on the energy content of the food though. The individual feeding recommendations on the packaging and on the relative product pages reflect this, ensuring an optimal supply of the individual components.
The ratio of animal to plant sources should therefore be between 70 to 30, and 90 to 10. Please speak to your animal nutritionist or vet in order to determine the correct ratio.